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Yanco Deep ‘On The SpotLight’

ShoMag: Besides challenges along the way which is part of the journey, what would say is your ‘ultimate highlight’ so far within the music industry?

Yanco Deep: Being featured on ’D.M Recordings’ first compilation with artists I look upon too. Other highlight would be having ‘Aluku Rebels’ include my track ‘Beyond The Sun’ on one of his promo mix with tracks coming from artist like ‘Black Coffee, Rampa and Boddhi Satva’.

ShoMag: There are times when one just feels like ‘music aint worth it’, for you during those times what or who inspires you to carry on this music journey?

Yanco Deep: I would say individuals from a band known as ‘Phonetic Brothers’ are the reason why I carry on this music journey. The way they push in this music industry and while their sound keeps on maturing is so motivational and uplifting, keeps me going and the other reason is that we share the same dream.

ShoMag: How would ‘Yanco Deep’ describe his ‘unique sound’ and what would you say is the inspiration of that sound?

Yanco Deep: What’s unique about my sound is that I use ‘Afro Elements’ and fuse them with a bit of ‘Weird Tech Sounds’ and create a feeling which leaves the listener reminiscing, while those programmed drums and evolving pads come together to give the listener that session vibes feeling, supported by smooth shakes which keep you sweating on the dance floor.

Yanco Deep eKasi EP

ShoMag: Currently, which ‘musical projects’ are you working on and when can we expect a release from you?

Yanco Deep: More music from me dropping this year, remixes and singles. But I’m currently working on an EP whereby I’ll be showcasing my ‘Darker Side In Music Production’. For now check out my recent releases coming from ‘Afro Rebel Music’ and ‘Khoisan Music’.

ShoMag: In closing, what can your fans expect from you in the future in terms of sound and is there any message from you to the ‘masses out there’?

Yanco Deep: My sounds keeps on maturing, as a versatile producer I’ll be focusing on ‘Afro Tech and Afro House’ for now and a message for my fans is that ‘patience is the key, always stay humble and calm all the time’. A big Thank from me to you I really appreciate your support.

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