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XtetiQsoul ‘On The SpotLight’

ShoMag: Last year was an ‘epic one for you’ in terms of music releases and music gigs you were a part of. Any ‘highlights’ for you worth mentioning from last year?

XtetiQsoul: Yes, I got my first gig out of the country last year, entered into the ‘Axe Dj Competition’ where I was runner up winner to go to Ibiza, Spain and had my debut appearance in ‘Live Amp’, which is one of South Africa’s biggest music television shows.

ShoMag: Continuing on that last year’s momentum, you have dropped the single ‘Better Places’ on ‘Afrocentric Records’. How did that come about and what was the inspiration behind that ‘banger of a track’?

XtetiQsoul: The song was made some years ago. I had shared the song with ‘Cory Centric’ and he believed in the project, including the remixes from ‘Martin Landsky, Luis Radio’, the project is surely a solid one and a ‘must have’.

ShoMag: How would you describe ‘the sound’ you put together in ‘Better Places’ and what can we expect from that jam?

XtetiQsoul: It’s a great jam filled with great drums and strings all over it, with the brilliant written and delivered vocals by ‘Ay J’.


ShoMag: What is instore for us this year from ‘XtetiQsoul’, are there any musical projects you are currently working on or planning to work towards?

XtetiQsoul: The audience can expect many singles and remixes from various labels. ‘The highlight project I’m working on though is a 7 track EP that should be ready by October this year’.

ShoMag: Last words from ‘XtetiQsoul’ and is there any message from you to your fans out there?

XtetiQsoul: I do encourage my fans to share my music far and wide so as to reach even those who are not familiar to my sound. In that way, we ensure we grow together. Thank you.

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