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theJezreel Biography

Mduduzi Thulane Khoza, also affectionately known as ‘theJezreel’, is a DJ, music producer and poet. He vividly recalls the moment he first fell in love with music- when his older brother took him on his first night-life experience, back in the early 2000s, to the notorious Hatfield Square. Becoming a DJ was something that he was inevitably gravitating towards because of his early exposure to music and his desire to share the music he had collected over the years. The transition from being a collector of music to being a DJ happened in his formative years when he would stand by the DJ booth and observed as other DJs played.


Producing music and writing poetry serve as an outlet for self-expression. He is working towards weaving these two artistic elements together to further enhance the quality of the music he produces and to share his atavistic experiences and feelings.

Although emerging and still finding his feet, TheJezreel has played alongside acts such as of: DJ Christos, DJ Davinci &Andy Compton

‘Music always articulates on my behalf and it is the very same force which validates me and acknowledges my worth.’  -TheJezreel

“I do not have one specific favorite genre of music. I like playing and listening to any music that moves my soul, especially music that is marginalized and not main stream. I have committed myself to playing these musical gems that people would otherwise not get a chance to listen to.”


​Get Social With theJezreel

Website: https://thejezreel.wixsite.com/mysite

Facebook: theJezreel

Soundcloud: theJezreel

Bookings / PR / Enquiries

T: 012 548 0308

C: 079 716 4595

E: thato.thalakgale@yahoo.com

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