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SkyWhite Brings On The Heat With “Down On Me EP”

A brand new talent to the music scene, “SkyWhite’s” journey into music began when he learned to play the piano at 10 years old. He was turned on to house music at just 16 after attending “Black Coffee’s” (Ballantine’s Human Orchestra) performance in 2014 and promptly learned to dj. He honed his craft playing at local parties and events, before producing a selection of his own tracks that were promptly signed by one of the hottest Afro House labels of the moment, Afrocentric.


From his first release on “Afrocentric Records” until now, “SkyWhite” has broken serious ground in the Afro house scene with his bombastic blends of synthetic and traditional textures. The Mozambique-native DJ follows up his potent “Zona Quente” EP with a new 3-track collection of Afro house and afrotech jams. The progressive electronic beats crafted by “SkyWhite” on his last EP take a bold, futuristic turn on his latest project.

The opener “Down With Me”, a moody piece of Afro house accented with an energetic drum pattern and hand percussion flanking the bold synthwork. Good vibes continue on “Rhulah Mother Africa” kicks things off in a lane that Sky has seldom experimented with before – an afrotech beatscape with melodic elements bordering on ambient and dreamlike. Paired with a smooth bass groove, it takes African rhythms in a futuristic direction over the course of its 6-minute runtime.


Closing track “Alucinacoes” brings back the experimentation, albeit with a different twist. This space-toned instrumental develops over eight minutes into an energetic dance beat chugging under the melancholy drone of the prog-style bass and the buzzing of analog synths.

Skywhite Down On Me EP Available Here

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