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Sizz ‘On The SpotLight’

ShoMag: You teamed up with ‘OU’ and together released ‘Twin Towers Ep’. How did that come about and did you have any specific sound you were going after for that release?

Sizz: We made a beautiful record for ‘Surreal Sounds Music Within Da Beats’. The best EP in my opinion by a duo. We just decided on one occasion amongst a lot that we going to release an EP. I remember when we first announced it, people went crazy and there we knew we had to put it out. And it was a success. Funny enough the title of that offering was inspired by ‘Lord Of The Rings Twin Towers’.

ShoMag: ‘Twin Towers Ep’ is part of ‘Surreal Sounds Within Da Beats’ project. Individually how did that feel for you guys?

Sizz: It was nice working with the guys at ‘Surreal Sounds Music’, we’ve always wanted to release something there and that happened.

ShoMag: Big up on the work you put in for your new Ep ‘Jesus Black’. What was the inspiration behind that release and what can we expect from that offering?

Sizz: I have helped this particular friend of mine on couple of occasions to a point where called me his ‘Jesus’ and I was even mocked by a couple of friends who called me ‘Black Jesus’, so I took that and titled the EP ‘Jesus Black’. I’m letting you all into my world of chaos and happiness. The three tracks are a sublime message that reflects the beliefs and the ideologies that surround my sound.

Sizz 'On The SpotLight'

ShoMag: What is instore for us this year from ‘Sizz’, are there any ‘musical projects’ we need lookout for from ‘Sizz’ this year?

Sizz: This year be ready for anything. I got an event we planning back at home called ‘Pick A N##A’, which showcases young talent from all walks of life in one space with the intent to network and build connections and vibe as young people. The event includes performances from ‘OU, Guy Gibbons, Encho, Fred-Virro, Sir Spanyol’ to name a few.

ShoMag: ‘Music Collaborations’ can add some flavour to ones sound or project. For the future who would you like to work with and why?

Sizz: ‘!Sooks, Lazurusman, Sobek, Slotta, Stimming, Da Capo, Secret Souls’, because they are amongst the best in the business.

ShoMag: Last words on what we can expect from you ‘Sizz’ this year and is there any message you might have for your fans out there?

Sizz: This year I’m doing me. No restrictions.  More music. More vibes.

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