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Ralf GUM ‘The Love For Soulful And Deep House Is Alive And All Over’

ShoMag: Musically, last year was a ‘very hectic year’. Any memorable highlights you have from 2017 and is there any venue or event you enjoyed playing in the most?

Ralf GUM: The release of ‘Sir LSG’s debut album ‘Moving Circles’ which we put out fully independent was my highlight. Internationally it was a great pleasure to play at ‘Vocal Booth Weekender’ again. I really do enjoy our monthly ‘CORE Nights at Kitcheners in Johannesburg’, as I get to play long sets and there have been many great gigs all over South Africa throughout the year. ‘The love for Soulful and Deep House is alive and all over’.

ShoMag: What is ‘Ralf Gum’ currently busy with this year?

Ralf GUM: I am mainly working towards ‘finishing up my forthcoming album’ this year.


ShoMag: For the future, who would you like to work with and why?

Ralf GUM: There are some I always admired like ‘Jill Scott’, but literally it is steadily changing. You hear an inspiring vocalist or instrumentalist and you’d think how cool it would be to be working with that person, but I am enjoying very much the pool of artists which became regulars like ‘Monique Bingham, Kafele or Joseph Junior’ as vocalists or ‘Sir LSG and MAQman’ on the producer side, due to various reasons like quality and efficient workflow.

ShoMag: Last words on what we can expect from ‘Ralf Gum’ this year and is there any message you might have for your fans out there?

Ralf GUM: Finally I am having more new music for you guys, for sure. I doubt that it will already be my full forthcoming album, as I just had to move studio and aren’t able to record everything I need in my bedroom, where I currently set up. I will move into a new space in April and think I’d take further time and will ‘release the full length album only in early 2019’. However singles taken from it will be out. First of those is a collaboration with ‘Lady Alma’, but I still have to record the strings for it. ‘To my fans I want to say that I am truly thankful for making it possible to feed of my passion. I wish all of you find your own passion in life, too’.

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