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Punk Mbedzi ‘On The SpotLight’

ShoMag: Your sound has ‘evolved’ since those ‘Surreal Sounds’ days. How would you describe your current sound and what influences that sound?

Punk: I think my sound is influenced a lot by what I listen to in a specific season. Right now, I would describe my sound as ‘Afro Tech’. I’ve always tried to keep an ‘Afro element’ to my sound ever since I began learning how to make music.

ShoMag: Musically, last year was a ‘very hectic year’. Any memorable highlights you have from 2017 and is there any venue or event you enjoyed playing in the most?

Punk: Besides ‘Djoon’, my highlight of 2017 would have to be ‘The Rhythm, Johannesburg’. It’s an event conceptualised through ‘Under Bridges’ and I was overwhelmed by how much of a success it turned out to be. This later led to the event making its way to ‘Nairobi, Kenya’. Through the support of many people close to me, the event is growing and will make its return in May 2018.

ShoMag: The quality of music realised so far this year is just ‘top notch’. Which musical projects is ‘Punk’ currently working on this year, are there any ‘banging releases’ on the pipeline for us this year?

Punk: I am currently working on a release that is scheduled for The ‘Djoon Experience label in Paris’ set to drop next month. Also a special remix I did for South African band ‘Magic Soul’. Apart from these there are other big projects that are still in the pipeline.

ShoMag: ‘Music Collaborations’ can add some flavour to ones sound or project. For the future who would you like to work with and why?

Punk: I would definitely love to do a cross genre project and work with someone as prolific as ‘Lira’. Besides loving her ‘incredible vocal ability’, I think I would enjoy the process of learning and stretching myself to that capacity.


ShoMag: You have had ‘numerous chat topping releases’ throughout your music career. Where do you draw inspiration for your music and what does ‘house music’ mean to you?

Punk: ‘God is my biggest inspiration for making music’, because I truly believe that it’s Him who gave me this talent, so my biggest desire is to honour what I’ve been given. I say this because I’ve witnessed first-hand what music does to people and how much of an escape it can be for others. ‘So in knowing that, my role is to serve and play my part’.

ShoMag: Last words on what we can expect from ‘Punk’ this year and is there any message you might have for your fans out there?

Punk: I can’t pre-empt what’s going to happen this year, but what I can definitely say is ‘I am definitely looking on growing’ on what I already know and have already started.

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