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Mawande Kheswa ‘On The SpotLight’

ShoMag: We have seen a couple of ‘Online House Music Radio Shows / Stations’ come and go. What sets apart ‘Radio Soulheadz (RSH)’ from any other House Music Radio Show / Station out there at the moment?

Mawande Kheswa: Let me start with some distinctive features on the show. We have 2 30-minute mixes, ‘Unshazamable’ where we play 2 exclusive and unreleased tracks from an artist. We also have a ‘weekly interview with a DJ/Producer’. Now the aim of the mixes and interviews is to promote the DJ/Producer which is why I always ask them to include booking information because the show has to contribute to your growth and livelihood.

All songs playlisted are accompanied by the ‘original artwork and link to music stores’ for purchase. This is done to promote the artist and drive traffic to music sites. Establishments can also pay for the show to be ‘broadcast live from their premises’, events etc and they can also book DJ’s through us. As a show we also have producers who offer ‘remixing, sound engineering and music production’. We also do our own events and work with up and coming creatives. These are all ingredients that set us apart.

Our mission is to become an academy that ‘develops, upskills and trains creatives for the work environment and also to become self-sustaining’. We aim to change the ‘culture of granting opportunities based on popularity’.

‘Passion, potential, talent and drive’ are the characteristics that we believe form the foundation for the standard by which opportunities should be granted. We are doing all of this using ‘house music as a vehicle’.


ShoMag: Exciting times indeed, what can your listeners look forward to from ‘Radio Soulheadz (RSH)’?

 Mawande Kheswa: ‘Beautiful music, good times, growth, international collaborations’ which we will bring back and ensure that they benefit South African soil. We also have an album coming out and it’s titled ‘Unshazamable Session 1’. We’re also going to be collaborating with musicians, producers, DJ’s and hopefully your blog as well. More and more content that is geared toward the listener.

ShoMag: Besides being hands on with ‘Radio Soulheadz (RSH)’, are there any other ‘musical projects’ you are currently busy with or cooking up?

Mawande Kheswa: Besides the ‘RSH Unshazamable Album’ I’m going to be working with a number of artists including ‘Thiwe’. I’m always on the lookout for vocalists who I can produce for.

ShoMag: We are aware that you are passionate about ‘creating opportunities for the youth’, therefore what would your advice be to the youth ‘on following their dreams’?

Mawande Kheswa: ‘A dream can sometimes come in the form of a nightmare, but like everything bad nightmares can be overcome’. I personally have had many dark times, but the key has been ‘prayer and knowing what I want’. I don’t generally conform and that’s always gotten me through. I broadcast a show on my smartphone and that alone is outside of the ordinary. Use each and every one of your skills, start where you are with what you have, ask for help, be able to filter advice and use what will benefit you, have all of your dreams on a vision board, it really works.

ShoMag: Any last words from your side as we get ourselves ready for what seems to be a ‘jam-packed bumper of a year’?

Mawande Kheswa: I’m inspired by your magazine and the quality of work, this is further proof that the youth of South Africa is really talented and they dream. The key is access to opportunities and us working together to create more platforms and opportunities that we will feed not only our kids but the community at large. ‘I would love to get to a point where the youth to view themselves as a community of helping hands and not competitors’.

Thank you for this opportunity and I wish you growth and all that you desire.

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