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Enoo Napa ‘On The SpotLight’

ShoMag: Last year was an ‘amazing year’ for you in particular and ‘big up’ for being announced as ‘The Number 1 Traxsource Afro House Artist For 2017’. Would you say that was your ‘ultimate high’ for last year, as you did produce most of last year’s ‘blazing afro house cuts’?

Enoo Napa: Thank you. 2017 was indeed a great year, not just for me but a lot of guys that I knew personally who are equally as talented as I am. However, my ultimate high was ‘travelling to Spain (Ibiza) to play at the closing party at Club Hï’. I woke up in Umlazi, a township I call home and moments later I’m on a flight to Europe, and I don’t even travel much. It was unbelievable. Later that year, I went to Nigeria and also had a ‘residency at Shimmy Beach Club in Cape Town’, and also ‘made my debut appearance at BlackCoffee’s Block Party’.

ShoMag: How does it feel to be recognised as one of the ‘most prolific young house music producers’ not only here in South Africa but abroad as well?

Enoo Napa: Being voted ‘number 1 Afro House Artist of the year on Traxsource’ was just a cherry on the top. Although I was aiming for at least a top 5 finish after debuting at no.17 in 2016. I built on a foundation which I had laid the previous year and through consistency and hard work, I delivered. ‘I also felt Manoo and Pablo Fierro had an outstanding year too’. It was a tight one. Somehow, I was awarded the 1st place.


ShoMag: Having had such an amazing 2017. What is instore for us this year from ‘Enoo Napa’, are there any musical projects you are currently working on for 2018 or on the pipeline?

Enoo Napa: Hoping to put out more original material this year and more remixes. 2018 has kicked off in amazing way. Also keen to do more shows this year.

ShoMag: Closing it off, what would be your final message to some ‘young talented bedroom producer’ who is trying to crack open into House Music Industry? Lets face it, they have a huge role to play and House Music is in their hands.

Enoo Napa: ‘Keep on, keeping on. It is possible, just believe’. What started out as a hobby in the backroom of a township in Umlazi, has filtered onto the international stages. A dream that is now a reality. ‘Keep working, stay humble, hungry and be driven by positivity’. Peace!! Enoo Napa.

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