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Enoo Napa ‘On The SpotLight’

ShoMag: Every artist would like to have his/her particular ‘signature sound’. How would you describe ‘Enoo Napa’ signature sound and what influences that sound?

Enoo Napa: I have somewhat of a ‘dark, ambient, raw sound’. At times its cheeky other times serious and has cinematic characteristics to it. Heavy drum plays and percussion engulfed by rich stabs and electronic synths. ‘I’d say it’s just where Africa and Europe meet’. The best of both. I can’t really put it to words.

ShoMag: ‘Music is a very challenging and highly competitive industry’ in general. What would you say is your biggest challenge when it comes to the music industry?

Enoo Napa: I would say right now, it’s ‘controlling the high levels of piracy that’s going on within’. I have quite a number of people saying that they love the work, the support me, yet only ‘a few get the music through the correct channels’. Maybe we need to ‘start educating people more about the importance of making just that purchase’ or how to make it more accessible to the consumer so they don’t have to resort to illegal means.


ShoMag: Would you say that your 2013 remix of ‘Jackie Queen’s Conqueror’ was your ‘biggest break’ so far in your music career? If not, what would you say is your biggest break so far?

Enoo Napa: I think my break through is yet to come. Yes, I’ve had a few digital releases that received big love in South Africa and abroad. ‘The Conqueror remix, was a stepping stone and perfect introduction to that Enoo Napa space’. Later on, the original titled ‘High In Your Love’ featuring Zipho took it to the next level. However, I foresee a lot to come and perhaps that big break too. There’s just so much to look forward to.

ShoMag: Being part of ‘Soulistic Music’, tell us how did that come about and how has it been for you being amongst such talented musicians?

Enoo Napa: Being surrounded with such greatness is overwhelming. With ‘Black Coffee, Da Capo & Langa Mavuso’, I’m truly honoured to be here. From those at the forefront of the label to those who do the behind the scenes work which make us look good. ‘It’s just fantastic, I love it here!!!.To me, it is home. Really looking forward to a positive future, to grow and to add value to a label that’s rich in talent.

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