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Dj Linc ‘On The SpotLight’

ShoMag: Also, there must have been some ‘epic moments’ throughout your music career. What would you list as your ‘career highlight’ thus far?

DJ Linc: Wow. When I was approached by the Gauteng Department of Arts and Culture to be part of the South African delegate to ‘Seychelles International Carnival’. As if that wasn’t enough, when I got there, I was the only female dj and the only dj using the original djing equipment ie CDJs, out of more than 50 djs who were men and using computer software.

ShoMag: Having played in a number of venues both nationally and across our borders, which venue stands out for you the most and why?

DJ Linc: Not to be sarcastic or anything, but I find that ‘I’m well received across the borders than I am in my own country’, especially in Botswana, which I now call my second home because I’m booked in Botswana almost every quarter of the year and it’s usually 3-4 gigs there.

Even though, there are a few venues that have either helped grow my brand or welcomed me as an underground yet treated me like a celeb here in Mzansi. To mention just a few, ‘TJ Lounge (Matatiele – EC), Georgis Lounge (Welkom – FS), Club 18 (Volkrust – KZN), Nhlanhla Shisanyama (Qwaqwa – FS), Zef Faktori Lounge (Frankfort – FS) and Neighbourhood Shisanyama (Richards Bay – KZN)’.

ShoMag: Looking back at your ‘musical journey’, what would you list as your ‘biggest breakthrough’ thus far?

DJ Linc: Being officially enlisted among South African International DJs. It really is an honour that comes with hard work.

ShoMag: You are part of the ‘Female Dj Network’. What is the ‘Female Dj Network’ about and what is your involvement within it?

DJ Linc: ‘Female DJ Network’ is an organisation formed in 2015 aimed at uniting women in the entertainment industry and mostly to address the challenges we face as female djs in this male dominated industry. My involvement came about when some of the initiators ‘Zeejay and Buhle’ announced for an all-female dj photo shoot at Ghandi Square in August 2015. We met up and I told the ladies my plans and what I had in mind. Since then, they took me in as the Creative and Event organiser for all FDN events.


ShoMag: What are your plans for this year, are there any musical projects we need to look forward to from ‘Dj Linc’?

DJ Linc: This year, I had planned to raise awareness about a very talented musician by the name of ‘Mthandazo Gatya’ and later on do a collaboration with him. I’m glad to mention than the first part is done ‘I think’, which now we are working on a project together for my next single that will be released later in the year.

ShoMag: Any last words from ‘Dj Linc’’ and what would your message be to your fans out there?

DJ Linc: Nothing really out of the ordinary hey. Linc is more than just a DJ and the hustle never stops. Thank you all for always supporting me and coming to my events. ‘I appreciate every support, motivation and encouragement from all of you’.

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