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Da Capo ‘On The SpotLight’

Sho Mag: Music industry is sometimes known as being ‘ruthless’. What has been your ‘ultimate low’ within this industry and how did you get over that?

Da Capo: I have a hard time working with people who ‘don’t share my vision and who don’t strive for quality in making music’, in a way that frustrated me and almost killed my ambition. Luckily I was approached by Soulistic Music and all my inspiration was brought back.

Sho Mag: Every artist would like to have his/her particular ‘signature sound’. How would you describe ‘Da Capo’ signature sound and what influences that sound?

Da Capo: I don’t think my sound is easily recognizable and the reason being is that I always strive to be versatile.


Sho Mag: On being signed under ‘Soulistic Music’, would you say that was ‘biggest musical break’ so far and if so why?

Da Capo: Definitely, without a doubt. ‘I respect the work ethic there’ and as an artist I wasn’t so clued up about the business side to music, but since signing to Soulistic Music I know a thing or two about the industry.

Sho Mag: Congratulations on dropping one of ‘the hottest house music album last year’. For us here at ShoMag, ‘Indigo Child Is A Definite Must Have’. First of all how did it feel after dropping such a ‘massive offering’ and how has the response been from the public?

Da Capo: Thank you so much, to be honest I was sceptical about the release but the response from people has boosted my confidence. ‘The response has been amazing’!!!

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