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Cornelius SA ‘On The SpotLight’

ShoMag: Throughout your ‘musical journey’, what would you list as your ‘biggest breakthrough’ thus far?

Cornelius SA: Working with ‘Kenny Dope’, remixing for ‘Tortured Soul’, releasing music with ‘Jullian Gomes and Kid Fonque’, playing in dope festivals and being part of the ‘Red Bull Music Academy’ in ‘Berlin’. I never thought that one day music will get me this far, I’m doing ‘Bushfire’ in Swaziland this winter, I’m returning to ‘Oppikoppi’ in August. I also have ‘My BEAT Movement’ which focuses on the electronic scene of Pretoria and discovery and the showcasing of new and unrecognised talent within the minimal, deep and techno spheres.

ShoMag: Later on this year, you will be among the sixty-one musicians handpicked from thirty-seven countries worldwide who will attend this year’s ‘Red Bull Music Academy’. On receiving such amazing news, how did it feel and what does it mean for you as a musician?

Cornelius SA: This means a lot to me and my entire career and I’m super excited and honoured to be representing my country In Berlin. I noticed that being different and sounding in your own way even when the audience is not large, doesn’t necessarily mean that you on the wrong path. ‘Keep doing you do and most importantly be the truest version of yourself’.

ShoMag: ‘Feel It Now’ has to be one of the hottest joints currently out. ‘Big up’ on dropping that tune with ‘Jackie Queens’. What was the inspiration behind that joint and how has it been received by ‘the masses’?

Cornelius SA: Thanks, I and Jackie had a session at the ‘RedBull Studios’ in Cape Town and we wanted to have a track together. There was no formula set as to how it should sound or what should inspire the song. ‘I believe it only took a positive mind-set, energy and direction to have this as our end product’. The song is received well to date, still getting charted and is a favourite from big names such as ‘Jullian Gomes, Floyd Lavine, MoBlack, Hyena, D-Malice, David Montoya, Hanna Hais’ and several others.


Image By Benjamin Tilodi

ShoMag: Musically, last year was a ‘very hectic year’ one for you musically. Any projects on the pipeline you are currently working on for this year?

Cornelius SA: Yeah, Sure I have a bunch of music I’ve been working on, some of it being ‘Afro House Beats’ I produced for other amazing vocalists. ‘Don’t be surprised when you see my name appear on some of forthcoming album credits’, so that’s basically that.

ShoMag: Looking at the future, which musician/s would ‘Cornelius SA’ wish to collaborate with and why?

Cornelius SA: I’m more interested and focused on getting a lot of Afro House producer’s remix my work. It doesn’t make total sense to have someone that make’s almost the same sound as me remix my work.

ShoMag: Last words on what we can expect from ‘Cornelius SA’ this year and is there any message you might have for your fans out there?

Cornelius SA: Yo, I’ll be working on my music as I normally do. ‘No pressure or focusing on what other’s do’. I got really big shoes to fill, so ‘less politics more music’.

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