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Budda Sage ‘On The SpotLight’

ShoMag: ‘Big up’ on recently dropping ‘The Black EP’ with ‘Iklwa Brothers Music’ and we all know their ‘pedigree when it comes to house music’. When did ‘The Black EP’ drop and what sort of sounds should we expect from ‘Budda Sage’ through that offering?

Budda Sage: Earlier this year, I released an electronic EP under ‘Iklwa Brothers Music’ titled ‘The Black EP’. It is always amazing when one gets to work with a like-minded and hardworking crew such as ‘Iklwa Brothers Music’ and we are working on a follow up release of the ‘The Black EP’ which will also drop under ‘Iklwa Brother Music’ late this year or early next year.

ShoMag: ‘Awesome’ collaboration with ‘Argento Dust’ on ‘Reaktion’, what was the inspiration behind that ‘flaming jam’ and how did that ‘collaboration’ come about?

Budda Sage: My collaboration with ‘Argento Dust’ was just ‘something out of this world’. He has the greatest understanding of music and a great person in general to work with and feed off. We decided to combine Tech Sounds with a bit of Afro House Music and that seemed to work perfectly for us.

ShoMag: ‘Music Collaborations’ can add some flavour to ones sound or project. For the future who would you like to work with and why would you want to work with them?

Budda Sage: Working with either ‘Da Capo Or Enoo Napa’ on a project would definitely elevate my sound since I look up to both of them.


ShoMag: What is instore for us this year from ‘Budda Sage’, are there any musical projects on the pipeline you are currently working on for 2018?

Budda Sage: I am currently hard at work with some collaborations and remixes. There is a lot of music I will be putting out this year.

ShoMag: Last words from ‘Budda Sage’ and is there any message from you to your fans out there?

Budda Sage: I am thankful for the love and support shown towards my music and ‘positive feedback and vibes’ I receive. Keep that up, because to me you are not just supporters or fans but you are more like ‘family to me’ and I thank you.

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